Team Development

Our Team Development Services are targeted for intact or virtual leadership teams needing to build shared aspirations, coherent thinking and collaborative actions.  These services are best suited for leadership teams that embrace similar values, while honoring differences of perspectives and diversity of interpersonal styles.

New Leader AssimilationFor senior leaders who are new to an organization and are assuming responsibility for an existing leadership team. We will work with you and your team to quickly move beyond the lingering awkwardness, fragmentation and paralysis that often surfaces between new leaders and their direct reports.  We will also help you and your leadership team create the shared context and conditions needed to achieve immediate results and the learning infrastructure needed for ongoing success.

Team FormationFor leaders who need to assemble and transform a collection of individuals into a new, coherent and fully-functioning leadership team as quickly as possible.  We will work with all of you to establish a collective identity, purpose and praxis for your team.  We will also help you co-create a shared understanding of each member’s respective role, responsibilities and interdependencies within the team. In addition, we will help you establish your own agenda and approach for ongoing development and performance as a team.

Team CoachingFor senior leadership teams interested in an objective criteria-based perspective regarding their interpersonal dynamics and collective effectiveness. We will work with you to identify the perspectives and behaviors that both enhance and block your functioning as a high-performance team, and provide the means necessary for you to develop or replace them accordingly.  We will also equip your team with the skills of self-reflection and self-correction for continuous learning and improvement.

team-devTeam Meeting Facilitation – For senior leadership teams needing the expertise, techniques and skills of an experienced facilitator who will help them navigate complex topics and/or difficult conversations. Using a wide range of facilitation skills and meeting methodologies, we will help you traverse this terrain honestly, honorably and effectively. We will also help your team develop the skills needed to self-manage your meetings and conversations over time.

Team Dialogue and Inquiry – For senior leadership teams interested in discovering and cultivating shared meaning and collective wisdom among themselves as leaders.  We will help you conduct powerful conversations where judgments are suspended, assumptions are identified, truth-telling is valued, and exploration proves more impactful than advocacy.

Team RetreatsFor leadership teams wanting to step away from day-to-day operational and tactical issues in order to explore topics of critical strategic or developmental significance. We will work with you to define the objectives, create the context, design the agenda and develop the processes needed for a meaning-filled and impactful learning and planning experience.  [See Training Services]