Our Firm

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Our Aim is Integrally-Inspired

The Poling Group is an organization development consulting and executive coaching firm committed to the development and advancement of Integral Leadership in the world.

Our firm is dedicated to helping leaders gain wisdom that transcends knowledge, effectiveness that exceeds the bottom-line, integrity that goes beyond ethics, and fulfillment that redefines success.

Our Approach is Integrally-Informed

Many developmental frameworks, although widely accepted and revered in the world of business, are incomplete, one-sided, or fragmented. Some approaches focus exclusively on personal behaviors while ignoring organizational culture. Others address whole system change while forgetting learning styles altogether. In doing so, they create a limited or distorted understanding of self, others, and the dynamics of change. This often results in misguided, partial or unsustainable solutions.

Based on the work of Ken Wilber, Fred Kaufman, Frederic Laloux, and other integral theorists and practitioners, our approach fully engages and integrates the four major domains of leadership including: 1) perception, 2) performance, 3) relationships, and 4) systems. Our own version of the integral map, as displayed here, enables leaders and teams to hold a comprehensive and robust view of all the variables that both help and hinder their change efforts.

our-firm-chartFrom this comprehensive vantage point, we help leaders discover and enact those scenarios, solutions and actions with the broadest scope, greatest depth, and positive impact for themselves and others, thereby improving their choices and chances for sustainable success.

Our Clients Are Integrally-Inclined

Our approach is best suited for business executives and senior leadership teams with a commitment to learning and a discipline for action. We have been most effective working with organizations that share our values for transparency, experimentation, collaboration, innovation and follow-through.