Organization Development

Our Organization Development Services are targeted for organizations needing to transform their cultures and collective patterns of thinking and behaving in order to effectively implement and sustain key strategic initiatives. These services are best suited for organizations that value transparency, engagement, collaboration, and follow-through.

Cultural Assessments – For senior leaders interested in understanding the underlying beliefs and dynamics of an organization in order to assess the organization’s readiness and capacity to accept and implement a major change initiative. Using a variety of proven integral learning and systems thinking tools, we will surface your organizations implicit beliefs and behavioral patterns. We will help you explore the meaning and impact of these beliefs and behaviors on organizational performance. We also work with multiple organizations during the overall due-diligence process to anticipate the nature and effect of their respective cultures during a merger.

Strategic Inquiry and Engagement – For senior leaders who know that strategic planning alone does not guarantee strategic actions or that a well-written strategic plan translates into strategic results. We work with organizations to engage key stakeholders for greater commitment and alignment system-wide. We will help you to fully integrate the mechanical, social and personal dimensions of determining and executing strategy through day-to-day actions.

Stakeholder Engagement – For senior leadership teams interested in building shared understanding, agreement and collaboration among key stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors or other business units. We will help you convene conversations that transcend traditional everyday discussions or negotiations to achieve win/win/win outcomes.

Learning and Change Networks – For leaders who see the significance and value of sharing “lessons-learned” and “best-practices” across traditional organizational boundaries to create an intelligent and coherent social system capable of anticipating and responding to emerging demands. We will help you design the network structure, format and initial agendas. We will also work with you to form the respective learning groups and facilitate the exchange and transfer of working knowledge throughout your organization.

Coaching Processes – For organizations interested in building their own internal coaching and mentoring capabilities for purposes of improved employee performance and increased readiness of high-potential talent. We will help you implement the necessary infrastructures and processes, such as coaching procedures and protocols, career paths, competency profiles, assessment methodologies and coaching skills training.

Cultural Transformation – For integrally-inclined senior executives committed to developing the context, conditions and capacities required to evolve and transform their organization’s “center of gravity” to a higher and more comprehensive level of awareness and performance.  As partners in this 1 – 3 year journey from one level to the next, a team of our consultants will work with you and your senior leadership team to understand your specific challenges and objectives in order to co-create a customized approach to developing your organization’s culture.